Color Meaning Quest

Use the following link to do some research for the following task:

  1. Please take a color from the bowl and research the meanings that color has. You should find and record meanings from at least three parts of the world. In addition, record other color qualities that are associated with that color (i.e. mood, psychological, emotional qualities of color)
  2. From the notes above, you will design a collage that SCREAMS your color.
  3. Document your sources; make a bibliography in MLA format.

The Collage must include the following:

  • The written name of your color, i.e., "BLUE"
  • At least three emotional connections to the color, i.e., for blue: sad, lonely, etc.
  • Meanings from three different parts of the world, including which parts and the meaning.
  • One quote containing the color, including the source (who said it).
  • Images to help explain and communicate the color and color meanings.
  • A bibliography in MLA format.

For this page you will be assessed on thoroughness, creativity, and craftsmanship:

  • List your web sources on a separate sheet of paper, typed, printed, and glued neatly.
  • All writing should be very easily read.
  • All images should be neatly glued onto your page.
  • Ideas, written and visual, should demonstrate unique, original thought; please think "outside the box".