Final iweb Portfolio

In addition to the Midpoint Criteria listed below, please include the following on your iweb portfolio.

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Please visit Deana's Portfolio; she followed directions well and her format and design are exemplary!

A paragraph consists of 5 or more sentences**

Add the following to your iweb portfolio:

Sketchbook Assigments and in-class exercises: a general description of the exercise/sb assignment and what was learned is needed.

  • Sketchbook Assignment: Measuring & Proportion

  • Contour Drawing: Hand holding an object (Noack)

  • Contour Drawing: Boxes and Cylinders (Noack)

  • Upside-down Picasso Drawing (Houston required, Noack optional)

  • Painted Color Wheel and Tints & Intensity Scale

  • Comic Life

In-Class Projects: - Need a paragraph that clearly describes the project steps, the purpose and artists studied.

  • Edible Still-life (reference artists: Vincent van Gogh & Henry Moore)

Semester Summary: Please put this on the Start page, below your artist statement.

  • Write a paragraph that summarizes the three most important things you learned this semester. Be sure you include why these things are important to your growth as an art student. Please be very specific when referencing work and/or projects.

Midpoint Portfolio Criteria - All of this should already be included on your iweb portfolio

In Class Assignments:

  • Your start page should include your first name and art portfolio; write a brief artist statement that addresses the following (at least 4 sentences) - what are your specific interests in regards to art, what do you know about art at this point, why did you take this class, what are a few things you hope to do better as a result of taking this class?

  • Include a Table of Contents (this will be a helpful organizational tool for both this class and for possible future art classes)

  • Using a separate page for each project, include the four in-class projects:

  1. Principles of Art Squares (four cut paper square designs)

  2. 3-D Paper Sculptures

  3. Negative Space Drawing/Painting

  4. Portrait Value Paintings

  • Label each project and briefly describe the project, including the purpose of the assignment and artists studied.

  • Choose one of the assignments to discuss further: which one did you learn the most / find the most engaging?

Sketchbook Assignments:

  • Sketchbook assignments will go on one page:

  • Choose two Sketchbook assignments (you will photograph these) that demonstrate quality craftsmanship and meeting the assignment's criteria

  • Title each sketchbook assignment (be sure to indicate that they are sketcbook assignments) and describe how well you met the assignment's criteria

*If you choose to include a page of artists from which you are influenced, you should give credit to the artwork by indicating the title of the work, the artist, and date.