Imagination Activities

To encourage you to use your imagination; this in turn, will help to strengthen your creative problem solving skills.
To continue to develop and practice quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and strong compositional strategies.
  • Choose one activity below to complete during your allotted class period(if you finish early, you will choose another activity to complete). Please pass in at the end of class.

  • All artwork should be signed and dated (on the front of the work, with your first and last name).

  • Remember, quality craftsmanship counts.

  • Consider your whole page; be sure to use a STRONG composition (touch at least 3 edges of the paper).

  • Attention to detail is a MUST.

  • You should stretch yourself and challenge your own personal level of ability.

  • You will earn a grade for this assignment.

Drawing on your Imagination (Pun intended!)
Media Choices for all activities: Collage, brush & ink, colored pencil, charcoal, cray-pas, using 12 x 18" or 9 x 12" drawing paper. If you choose brush & ink, please use watercolor paper.

Activity #1
Changing or reversing the "laws of nature". What is impossible?

"Wouldn't it be a strange world if...."
  1. Brainstorm at least 10 possible endings to this sentence.
  2. Choose one of your ideas from which to create a work of art.
  3. In what ways does your background add interest and/or enhance your idea?

Activity #2
  1. Change the perceptions of everyday objects by adding objects.
  2. Attach a handle, faucet, electric cord, etc. to a basic object that normally would not have one (i.e. a piece of fruit with a faucet).
  3. In what ways does your background add interest and/or enhance your subject?

Activity #3
Zooming in: Develop a composition that shows a progression of magnifying an object.

For this activity, you may want to use a viewfinder.

  1. Choose an interesting object, such as a sneaker, a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers.

  2. Using a 12" x 18" piece of white drawing paper, divide the paper into six equal squares. Use tape to block out the squares.

  3. In the top left box, draw as accurately as you can, the whole subject (i.e. the whole bowl of fruit).

  4. In the next box to the right, imagine that you have a camera and can zoom in a bit to draw a closer composition, as accurately as possible.

  5. In the remaining boxes, continue zooming in on the object and enlarging; continue to draw as accurately as you can, noticing the fine details.

  6. The last box should be a magnification of the fine detail.

Activity #4
Magnificent Magnification: Change the perception of an everyday object by making it appear monumental.
  1. Choose an object that is normally small (i.e. a paper clip, insect, staple remover, watch, etc.).
  2. Recreate the object by drawing it large, on a giant scale.
  3. Include a simple landscape or background objects that will help to enhance the size of the original object.

Activity #5
Mutation: Transform the appearance of fruits or vegatables **
  1. Imagine that some strange, unexplained force has altered our gardens.
  2. What might be the biological and/or physical effects on the fruits and/or vegetables?
  3. In the same composition, draw four different fruits and/or vegetables that reflect the abnormalities.
  4. In what ways does your background add interest and/or enhance your subject?