Art Fundamentals Fall 2009

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Art Fundamentals Gallery Fall 2009 (Houston)

Art Fundamentals Gallery Fall 2009 (Noack)

Student Gallery 2009Student Survey Fall Semester

In-Class Assignments

Color Quiz:

Noack, P3 - Friday, 1/8
Noack P4 - Tuesday, 1/12

Houston P4&5 B - Tuesday, 1/12
Houston P5 W - Wed, 1/13

Oaxacan Sculpture Assessment

Oaxacan Painting Preparation

Oaxacan Paper-Mache Sculptures

Introduction Paragraphs and animal sketches Due:
Noack, P4 Due Wednesday, 1/6
Noack, P3 Due Thursday, 1/7

Houston, P4&5B Due Wed. 1/6
Houston, P5W Due Thurs. 1/7

Color Schemes and Comic Life

Noack, P3, Due Thursday, 1/7
Noack, P4, Due Friday, 1/8
Houston, P4&5B Due Fri. 1/8
Houston, P5W Due Mon. 1/11

Color Wheel Rubric
Houston, P4&5 B Due Wed. 1/6
Houston, P5 W Due Thurs. 1/7

Noack, P4, Due Thursday, 12/17
Noack, P3, Due Thursday, 12/17

Painted Color Wheel, Tints, & Intensity

Color Collage Assessment
Due Tuesday, 12/15 Houston P4&5
Due Friday, 12/11, Noack P3

Color Meaning Quest

Homework for Noack, P4 - Due Tues. 12/15

Make-up Quiz by Wednesday, 12/2
Drawing Portfolio Assessment -
Due Noack: Thurs. 12/3
; Houston: 4&5B Mon, 12/7; 5W Tues, 12/8
Drawing Portfolio Contents
- Due Thurs. 12/3;
Houston: 4&5B Mon, 12/7; 5W Tues, 12/8

Mid-Point Portfolio Assessment Due: Tues. 11/23
Mid-Point Portfolio Due: Tues. 11/23

Value Extension

RyanP.jpgValue Portrait Rubric
Midpoint Feedback for Value Portrait Painting
Student Survey
Value Portrait Paintings

neg_instrument.jpgNegative Space Paintings Rubric
Noack P3 Due Thurs. 10/15
Noack P4 Due Fri. 10/16

Seeing Negative Space

Highlight Artist: Imogen Cunningham
Houston 4& 5B Due Thursday, 10/1
Noack, P4, Due Thursday, 10/1

3D Pos-Neg Designs Rubric
3D Positive-Negative Designs
Noack, P3 Due Thursday, 10/1
Noack, P4 Due Friday, 10/2

Artist-Inspired Designs Rubric
P3 Due Tues. 9/22
Noack P4 Due Wed. 9/23
Houston P4B & P5B Due Fri. 9/25
Houston P5W Due Mon. 9/28

Artist-Inspired Positive-Negative Designs
Artist Exploration

Elements and Principles of Art

Pre-Assessments: Color, Vocabulary, Artists

Rubric & Self-Assessment for Positive/Negative Design
Positive/Negative Space & Composition: A Design Challenge

Sketchbook Assignments - Sketchbook Rubric

Final iweb Portfolio

Due Thursday, 1/14 (p3, All Blue)

Houston 4&5 B Due Tues Jan. 1/19
Houston 5W Due Wed, 1/19

Measuring & Proportion Still-lifeNoack P3 due: Tues. 12/8 Noack P4 due: Wed. 12/9
Houston P4&5 B due: Wed. 12/9
Houston P5W due: Thurs. 12/10

Cylinder DrawingHouston P4&5 B due - Mon. 11/16
Houston P5W due - Tues. 11/17
Noack P4B - due Mon. 11/16
Noack P3 due Tues. 11/17

Value & Proportion
Noack P3 due - Mon. 11/9
Noack P4 due - Mon. 11/9
Houston P4&5 B due - Mon. 11/9
Houston P5W due - Tues. 11/10

Building up Values, Using Line
Noack P3 due - Mon. 11/9
Noack P4 due - Mon. 11/9

Looking at Value:Portrait Artists ResourceNoack P3 Due Tues. 10/27
Noack P4 Due Wed. 10/28
Houston P4&5 Blue due Mon. 10/25
Houston P5 W due Tues. 10/26

Famous Artist Drawing
Noack P3 & P4 Due 10/20
Houston p5W due Mon., 10/19
Houston p4&5B due Fri, 10/16

Value & Form

Noack P3 Due Thurs, 10/8
Noack P4, Due Wed., 10/7Houston P4 & 5B Due Monday, 10/5
Houston P5W Due Tuesday, 10/6

Finding Compositions
Noack P3 & P 4B Due Tuesday, 9/29
Houston P4B & P5B Due Friday, 9/25
Houston P5W Due Monday, 9/28

Collage Machine
Noack P4 Blue due Wednesday, 9/23
P3 Due Thursday, 9/24P4 W due Tuesday, 9/22
P4 & 5 B due Monday, 9/21

Falling / Exploding -
P3 & P4 & P5 B due Tuesday, 9/15
P4 W due Monday, 9/14